This workshop is offered on an individual basis, however is designed to be adapted for corporate settings. Bespoke well-being workshops can also be provided upon request.

Week 4 Day 4 ‘Speaking’
00:00 / 01:31


£4 per week for 7 weeks (£28 per person) 

(price includes postcard box and is charged in full at the start of the workshop)

Since this is a family business, you are kindly asked not to share login details or materials. If you feel someone you know would benefit from the content and they do not have the means to pay, please do contact me and I will do my very best to accommodate.

Booking and enquiries

Please fill out the form below to express your interest and/or reserve your place.

All participants who reserve their place before October 15 will receive a 20% DISCOUNT. The Workshop will commence in January 2021. Thank you so much and I look forward to hearing from you.

Take 7 Simple Steps Workshop

Commencing January 2021



7 weeks

Key objective aims


  1. improve well-being mentally and physically by exploring 7 simple, powerful steps 

  2. provide practical tips and mini-challenges to make change possible

  3. inspire a fresh perspective on life

Content (by week)

  1. Speaking

  2. Thinking

  3. Feeling

  4. Giving

  5. Prioritising

  6. Restoring

  7. Breathing


7 weeks with a minimum of 10 minutes of 100% dedicated time each day

You are kindly asked to schedule the same time slot for each daily dedicated 10 minutes, for example 8am each morning.


At the start of each week you will be able to access a short illustrative video via a client area (online) to introduce the Step for the commencing week.

A 3 minute daily audio recording is then also made accessible each day via the same portal. Daily tasks are simple and can be carried out at home or as you continue with your normal day.

Carrying out each daily task is absolutely key in order to get the very most from the Workshop.

A postcard box containing 7 cards will be sent upon sign-up. There is 1 card to be opened at the start of each week.

Sample content

Below is a short clip from the Introductory video from Step 4, Day 1 and a sample audio recording from Step 4, Day 4. The focus of this Step, which is completed during Week 2 of the Workshop is 'Quietening my mind'.

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