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Education establishments and not-for-profit organisations working with those who are vulnerable can benefit from a special workshop and mini-handbooks sharing simple, practical steps to enhance mental and physical well-being.

I was struck by the simplicity of the language used, yet the content shared was so powerful. I feel so inspired.

– Workshop participant, East Sutton Park Ladies Prison

Love Me Workshop

A 2 hour workshop which aims to: 

  1. inspire girls/women to embrace who they are and how valuable they are by focusing on their own uniqueness

  2. share creative tasks and activities to help raise awareness about how it's possible to manage one's own thoughts and emotions 

  3. motivate a healthy lifestyle which also helps our planet, by providing insight into nutritiously rich foods, simple exercise and breathing techniques and  minimalism

The recipients of the Handbooks loved them and there was a high demand for them.

– Library Prison Manager

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