Schools and not-for-profit organisations working with those that are vulnerable, can benefit from a special outreach workshop and mini-handbook, which share simple, practical steps to enhance mental and physical well-being.

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Love Me Workshop

A half-day workshop which aims to: 

  1. inspire girls/women to embrace who they are and how valuable they are by focusing on their own uniqueness and the present moment

  2. share creative tasks and activities to raise awareness about the mind and emotions;

  3. motivate a healthy lifestyle which also helps the planet, by providing insight into nutritious food, exercise, breathing fully  and minimalism

Love Me Handbook


This inspiring handbook, given to each workshop participant, provides practical, insightful tips to improve overall well-being and to embrace a more simple, yet powerful life. 

The short action points scattered throughout the book can be read, considered and completed as a continual encouragement on the journey of life.

Please fill out the form below to find out more information about the 'Love Me' workshops and mini-handbooks. 

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