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The Love Me Wellbeing Programme

An oasis to reset, feel refreshed and restored –
An opportunity for your life to flow more easily.

This programme is like a spa for your body and mind.

– Natasha

'Love Me' at LiveWell Kew

'Love Me' at LiveWell Kew

Discover ways to: quieten your mind, rise above your emotions and, use your words powerfully, whilst exploring: dance, breathing fully and stretching, pilates, superfoods, smoothie making, jogging, sustainable style, origami, block-printing, and creative vision boarding all in the process

The thoughtfulness and care that has gone into this programme radiates out of every message, video and activity, filling your world with hope and inspiration. 

– Laura

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This programme aims to share 7 simple steps to:

  • build confidence and enthusiasm for everyday life with creative activities;

  • motivate a healthy lifestyle by providing insight into the power of breathing fully, superfoods, and simple, fun exercise;

  • instill an understanding of how taking a simpler approach to life can help you live with a true sense of style, impacting you, those around you, and our planet;

  • inspire you to embrace who you are & how valuable you are by focusing on and utilising tools inside of you (Your thoughts, emotions, words, gifts & potential).



Wellbeing: Susie Bush-Ramsey is a creative designer and a former international athlete. She launched to help people create a simpler, more satisfying life. Susies' diet and body have been to the extremes, from consuming donuts and fries every day to drinking green juices, and from not having the energy to do a single sit-up, to running 60 miles a week  In 2021, she teamed up with athlete Chrissie Wellington OBE, to illustrate, write and publish ‘You’re so amazing’ to bring the overarching concepts of the programme to a wider audience. 

Dance: Emma Chrispin is a choreographer and former West End performer. She landed her first show on the West End at the age of 18, and has since performed in a variety of musicals including Cats, Chicago, Fosse, and The Producers as well as having roles in film and TV.  She has an incredible heart to inspire wellbeing through movement, whilst uplifting and encouraging others to fulfill their potential. 

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Breathe & Stretch: Frankie Arpino discovered the benefits of Breathe & Stretch over 20 years ago and the profound impact it could have on her wellbeing. Since then, she has dedicated her time to offering classes to people of all ages, especially women and teenagers. She passionately shares tools to nourish minds and bodies, helping others to thrive and stay strong.

Visual Arts / Vision Boarding: Red Gibbons-Lejeune specialises in Origami, the Japanese art of paper folding, and in manuscript illumination, the art of decorating text with gold leaf and natural paints. She loves to preserve ancient crafts by bringing them to life in creative ways, whether this is in the form of beautiful flowers, or one-of-a-kind journals to be filled with future dreams and ambitions.