Our mental and physical health are of utmost importance and for many of us there are areas where we'd like to see improvement.

There is an opportunity to pause and re-set


a time to reflect, learn, grow and change.

By taking a more balanced approach to life and a holistic view of our well-being, it's possible to see life from a fresh perspective, one that brings more contentment and love, a stillness to our minds and energy to give more kindly.

The pace and style at which we've been living our lives is not sustainable for our planet or for the next generation.

Reminding ourselves of simple truths, can have a powerful impact on our lives, the lives of others and our planet

Take 7 Simple Steps is a branch of Bloomers & RompersThe Zedi Company London – A conscious brand which seeks to inspire and empower simple, positive change through the creation and sale of one-of-a-kind collections.

Susie Bush-Ramsey is a mother of 2 young children and enjoys parenting, presenting and creatively designing, alongside her husband in SW London. She is a former international athlete, who struggled with injuries and extensive food intolerances for many years before putting into practice the things shared within her handbooks and workshops. Her faith and heart to inspire others, have taken her on an interesting journey, which has taught her the power and value of a simpler life, focusing on and appreciating the present moment.

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