The 7 Step Challenge includes 7 interconnected elements, which, when synchronised, can create a path for life to flow freely.


Breathe fully


  1. To help my immune system & every aspect of my body

  2. By focusing 100% on my breathing, I can pause my thoughts

  3. This practice can help me experience a greater level of peace


  1. Take a minimum of 10 deep belly breaths before going to sleep at night

  2.  Give 100% concentration on the feeling of each breath

  3. Stay in the present moment and try not to let the mind wonder


Noticing my breathing throughout the day and pausing to focus on it periodically. Learning to breathe to my full capacity is a powerful tool to improve my mental and physical well-being.


Quieten my mind


  1. Up to 90% of thoughts are not helpful

  2. They often consist of past or future things I can't control

  3. My negative thoughts are not who I really am


  1. Concentrate on the present moment and become aware of my breathing

  2. Focus on what I can control & offer less resistance to what is

  3. Think of my negative thoughts as a voice that's not my own – Disidentify from it


Creating a collage on a piece of paper of what I'd like my future to look like and taking simple daily steps to make it a reality. The key is to enjoy the journey as opposed to focusing on the outcome. (Cut out pictures from magazines, write down words. Include things from all aspects of your life; family, diet, exercise, lifestyle. Pin it up somewhere prominent as an encouragement). 


Rise above my emotions


  1. Emotions can arise from repeated thoughts

  2. Keeping negative emotions inside can harm me physically

  3. My emotions change and are not who I really am


  1. Write down my thoughts if I feel upset, angry or worried 

  2. Acknowledge that people can only affect my emotions if I allow them to 

  3. Approach or look at a situation differently if I'm finding it stressful


Limiting time on social media or watching TV shows. Replacing this time with reading an inspiring book, learning something new, helping someone, being still, pausing and letting go of my feelings, by forgiving, believing for the best, focusing on the present moment.

Whatever I maybe going through, there is always someone who has been through it before. I have great strength within me. I can learn and grow from challenging times.

Use my words powerfully


  1. Speaking more positively can alter the direction of my life

  2. I hear my own voice more than anyone else's, so what I say about myself and my life is important

  3. Speaking positive things daily, can increase my confidence 


  1. Make an effort to choose the words I speak carefully 

  2. Consider being quiet if I don't have anything positive to say 

  3. Say encouraging things about the effort that I and others are putting into daily life as opposed to focusing on outcomes



Acknowledging that I will never be more valuable than I am at this moment, that there will never be another 'me' and that I don't need to compare myself to anyone. 

The only thing that can stop me from flourishing is myself. 

Be thankful & kind


  1. Yesterday has passed, there is nothing I can do about it and tomorrow is not yet here

  2. Kindness is often reciprocated & being thankful can prompt generosity

  3. My attention can shift from my problems & therefore help change my outlook


  1. Pause often to be thankful for the simple things that I may take for granted

  2. Share the things I'm good at, enjoy or have experienced, to help others 

  3. Treat other people in a positive way when I speak to or about them. Listen intently to what others say, and show a genuine interest in their well-being



Doing something simple, yet kind for 3 people every day, for example, smiling at a stranger, paying someone a compliment, sending an encouraging message to a friend, calling someone to check-in on them, or giving something away. Making a list or keeping a mental note of 3 things I am thankful for daily. 

Minimalise my materialism


  1. Nothing I can achieve or material things I obtain can bring me lasting happiness 

  2. Having less can cause me to feel more peaceful and help the planet too

  3. Material things are fleeting


  1. Buy second-hand or vintage items and other items that aren't plastic

  2. Trial a 'Capsule Wardrobe' (with a limited number of items of clothing, mixing and matching them to create different outfits)

  3. Don't go shopping unless there is something I need or I have money to spend



Seeing how much space I can create and how many items I can give away by de-cluttering my wardrobe, a cupboard, a room or my entire living space. Recycling and upcycling as much as possible.


Exercise & refuel purposefully


  1. When my body is in good health, it helps me to operate at my optimum level, physically and mentally

  2. Choosing more simple, pure foods will give my body rich nutrients 

  3. Hydrating with water and getting adequate sleep will help every aspect of my life


  1. Limit refined sugar as much as possible

  2. Increase the percentage of plant-based foods that make-up my diet, such as avocados, blueberries, raw cocoa, almonds, black beans, quinoa

  3. Make regular exercise a priority, but also listen to my body if it needs rest


Exercising purposefully and maintaining a routine for a minimum of 20 mins, 3 times a week. This does not need to be complicated or cost money. You could try using your home as a gym (tin cans of food for weights, stairs to walk or run up, furniture for dips) Simply walk briskly for 20 mins, or jog and walk alternately for 20 mins.


Remember the words that you speak have power. If you struggle with exercise, eating healthily or trying to give something up, tell yourself, 'I can do this', 'I like exercising', If you tell yourself enough, you'll start to believe it and your body will follow.